Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao Replay

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Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao Replay Sky Sports Version.

I watched this 3 times, and has viewed it forcing myself that Mayweather is the real winner.

Round 1 Floyd (Pacquiao doesn't even exit on this round)
Round 2 Floyd (Floyd landed more Jabs, the judges favorite LMFAO)
Round 3 Pacquiao (Pacquiao landed harder punches) Watch the 2:05 mark
Round 4 Pacquiao Round obviously
Round 5 Floyd Round (Watch the 1:50 mark)
Round 6 Pacquiao (Watch the 1:18 mark)
Round 7 Pacquiao (All judges gave this rd. to Mayweather, most analyst gave this to Pacquiao)
Round 8 Floyd/Pacquiao (This rd. actually has no action, can go either way)
Round 9 Pacquiao (Floyd started bouncing here, no fight or whatsoever. Pacquiao is the aggressive but misses a lot) One commentator noticed that Pacquiao wasn't using his right hand. Injury kicked in. (Watch 30 second mark)
Round 10 Pacquiao round (Floyd Mayweather just keeps bouncing on this round, 98% of Floyd's jabs here missed)
Round 11 Mayweather (Pacquiao's punches here swooshes and misses)
Round 12 Pacquiao Round (Mayweather only bounces here for 3 minutes, I really don't know how the judges gave Floyd the last round? All his jabs here missed only hit Pacquiao's gloves) Seriously?!

Don't listen to the so called boxing analyst to the likes of Max Kellerman, Dan Rafael or Kevin Lole, those guys are paid just to talk about boxing. 

"Pacquaio fought a great fight. He threw a lot of punches and had a lot of energy. I think Manny controlled the fight." - @holyfield

Shane Mosley (who fought both Mayweather and Pacquiao) had it for "Pac-Man" scoring the fight 7-5

This boxing match is boring. 

Look for Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao Replay Sky Sports Version. 

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