Fight of the Century is BORING!

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After Round 1, I stopped watching the fight at my friend's house last night. By the way, that's how I watch all Floyd Mayweather's fight from youtube. I told myself, I will never watch his PPV fight ever again. It's a waste of time all the time, why because it is simply BORING!

Make no mistake, he makes it boring because he's a boxing genius. He's one of the best defensive fighter out there, as a pro he's most likely the best defensive fighter. Tonight, he killed people's love of boxing and believe me nobody is going to buy any of his PPV ever again, it's too late thought, he milked PPV buyers already. 46th boring fights, well some of his fights were good that's why I didn't say 48, I've watched some replays of his previous bouts, and believe me I found a couple that are interesting to watch. He fought well and turned the fight bloody.

Watching Manny Pacquiao last night was unbearable, he was probably trained well but it's obvious Freddie Roach didn't send his kid to the outback. Roach completely forgot to teach the Pacman how to chase a kangaroo. 

Sorry boxing fans, the Fight of the Century is BORING!

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