Raymond Fortun to defend Cedric Lee

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“I love the underdog... I enjoy the good fight, and I relish handling the toughest cases. Lawyering for me has never been about the money. It's about the pursuit for truth and justice, it's about fairness and equality,” Fortun’s Facebook status message read.

I was so pissed off to this lawyer when he defended the corrupt president of the Philippines Joseph 'Erap' Estrada. But I realized, he's just doing his money making job. Sadly, his wife got shot intentionally or mistakenly several weeks ago. I was really saddened because of what happened not only because it was unnecessary but because it was overly inhuman act.

So anyway, now that he's defending the obvious gangster wannabe / racketeer, I don't really give a crap to this lawyer no matter what happened to him anymore. He's simply a big WTF!

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