Why Pacquiao get knocked out cold

What went wrong on #pacquiaomarquez and why the #boxing world is shocked
Was it a lucky punch? YES, luck and strategy
Did Marquez learn a new tactic? Yes
Did Pacquiao learn a new tactic? No
Was Pacquiao winning before that epic KO? Yes
Did Marquez think he's losing before the KO? Yes
Do Ariza knew Pacquiao needs strength and conditioning prior? Yes
Did coach Roach fail to give Pacquiao a better strategy? Yes, didn't expect the over head punch
Did Buboy and Pacquiao underestimate Marquez's power? Yes, didn't expect the effect of heavier muscles
Did Beristain teach Marquez the 10 seconds strategy? Yes
Did Beristain figure out Pacquiao's tactic on last 10 seconds? Yes
Did Marquez new found conditioning coach help? Yes
Did Pacquiao neglect Ariza's advice for strength and conditioning? Maybe
Do you think Pacquiao's jab a failure? Yes
Do you think Pacquiao's defense a failure? Yes
Do you think Pacquiao's aggressiveness a good tactic? Yes
Do you think Marquez counter punching style boring? No and Yes (Counterpunching is always boring but effective)
Do you think Marquez patience and counter punching effective? Yes
Do you think Marquez counter punching better than Mayweather? No but definitely more entertaining
Do you think the Marquez 2.0 could win over Mayweather? Yes
Can Pacquiao beat Mayweather even he got knock out by JMM? Yes styles makes fight
Is Marquez victory the sum of all doubts? No
Will the fight be entertaining if they're both going to wait to counter? No
Do we need a Pacquiao vs Marquez 5? Yes

I believe for the fact that if only Pacquiao let Marquez sit back on his corner and let the blood ooze he'll get him pretty good on the next couple of rounds.

Pacquiao didn't expect that Marquez would punch on the last second (I believe that Marquez knew if he blitz to the very last second Pacquiao won't counter since the referee would intervene anyway), however Marquez knew Pacquiao will just do his bobbing and weaving style on the very last second in which the Pacman normally does.

I bet this is a strategy Beristain taught Marquez, and let us not forget that it's the over head punch that knocked down Pacquiao on the 3rd as well. There's a video on youtube showing Marquez knocking down his sparring partner using the same punch.

Now that Manny Pacquiao lost, most shockingly via knock out, wonder if the Mayweather nuthuggers or just simple these Pacquiao haters would still think he's some type of super human, steroid powered fighting machine. The question is how a 39 year old muscled up like a super welterweight boxer?

Pacquiao vs Marquez 5 is not impossible. 
Score Pacquiao 3 - Marquez 1 
42 rounds Pacquiao 5 knocked downs, Marquez 1 Knocked down and 1 knocked out. 


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