Pacquiao is the real pound for pound king

As I was reading a #boxing article by Dan Rafael on, I realized he's not a solid Pacquiao believer. When Pacquiao brutally defeated his past opponents he and some of the top so-called boxing analysts poured their accolades on him. Surprisingly, after Shane Mosley grabbed his bike and pedaled for almost 8 rounds and Juan Manuel Marquez statically fought Pacquiao and not so surprisingly believed Marquez won after the fight which is a complete crap.  

There are many who feel Marquez deserved the nod in the Pacquiao’s last fight. It’s a stretch to say it was robbery. I don’t remember the last time a challenger won a title fight when he was out-struck in power shots, out-thrown in nearly every round, and had zero knockdowns. - Willam Holmes

I recognize and appreciate all that Pacquiao has done, but past glory doesn't win fights. So although Pacquiao remains an excellent fighter -- one of the best -- he has looked slightly diminished in his recent fights, especially in his November trilogy match with Juan Manuel Marquez, a fight many strongly believe he lost. At best, Pacquiao looked as bad as he has in years. - Dan Rafael

Did Dan Rafael say years? The last time I checked Pacquiao fought Mosley on May 5, 2011 and Marquez on November 12, 2011 consecutively. I bet isn't lying about these dates. Also, Manny clobbered Cotto on 2009, turned Clottey into a turtle hiding in its shell and demolished Margarito with broken orbital bone which sent him to retirement.

When Mayweather sucker punched the former Pacquiao sparring partner Victor Ortiz, big sports website like ESPN and Yahoo sports put Floyd on top of the pound for pound list. I was glad The Ring didn't even care and change their ranking.

In 2009 Manny Pacquiao TKO Miguel Cotto, the fight ended in a brutal fashion blood was oozing on Cotto's face. When Mayweather and Cotto fought not only Mayweather failed to knock him down, many thought it should have been a draw. I thought Mayweather won, Cotto gassed out and let the last two rounds slipped away.

 ....and now I'm wondering why these so-called boxing analysts could easily demote the real pound for pound king, is it because he's not American? If Pacquiao looks bad on his bout with Marquez why not simply put Marquez on top 3 and bring down Martinez on top 4 and paste Mayweather on top 2?

Now that Pacquiao demolished the brave but loud mouth Timothy Bradley, is it time for Pacquiao to return as the king of the pound for pound boxers? Update: Obviously the script is for Pacquiao to lose so the rematch would push through on November and generate more $$$$$$$$$$$$ The result was too obvious though Bradley was schooled to the highest level, the first time a boxer need not to throw a connected punch but would win still LOL Cyah on Nov. 10, 2012 THE REMATCH

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