Who is Jericho Rosales' girlfriend?

#Manila #Philippines Jericho Rosales' girlfriend remained a mystery, but he gave a clue recently in one of his interviews. His girlfriend is only 24 years old and a host for a fashion channel called ETC or Etcetera. The above gorgeous gals are Patti Grandidge (left) and Kim Jones.

Patti's mom is related to Jun Urbano, who's known to TV viewers as Mr.  Shooli in the political satire "Mongolian Barbecue." She has vague memories of appearing on that show when she was only nine years old. (She's 23 now.) When I told her that Jun was an award-winning director of commercials, a respected movie director and the son of National Artist Manuel Conde, she vowed to find out more about his Tito Jun from her mom.
Kim's mom is half Filipino, half Spanish and the family spent some time in Adelaide, Australia. I noticed that she didn't speak like an Aussie. Kim, 24, says she left the Land Down Under in her teens. However, she still has not forgotten Oz speak like "brekkie" for "breakfast," "barbie" for "barbecue" and "take away" for "take out" food.

 My bet is Jericho Rosales' girlfriend is Kim Jones.

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