DJ Mo Twister and Rhian Ramos viral abortion video

This news isn't shocking anymore, why? This loud mouth Mohan Gumatay aka DJ Mo has impregnated pretty chick(s) before $_$

Sabi nga ng iba, hindi mo na kelangan maging kahawig ni Piolo (sarcasm)

I'm still wondering what's the motive behind the video, some say it's a digital memento. But, that doesn't make any sense whatsoever. Lately he just pulled a Hayden Kho move that his file was uploaded without his consent. Based from the news, Mohan Gumatay sold many or almost all his stuff before leaving for the U.S. That's kinda interesting right? He sold almost all his stuff and simply left his digital memento? According to an article I read that he gave some personal stuffs to some guy or attorney for safe keeping, who knows if the file was included or not but on one article he said he had sold his computers etc. etc....I'm just freaking confused now. LMAO!

Excerpts from Tweeter:

"i know you all have so many questions about what happened. i cant give any clear answers right now because I too am wondering how it all got here. I know i sold many of my things including computers that i had erased. apparently, someone "repaired" the erased files/hard drive and uploaded some personal files of mine. i feel terrible about it. i was supposed to leave for new york tomorrow but i'll stay until Monday, or later, in order to help clear or answer some of the questions, as well as investigate how someone may have retrieved my erased files. one thing is clear, i loved rhian very much and what we went through traumatized me, as other recent incidents have. ive been getting professional help to cope with the loss but i have now decided to try to heal outside of the philippines instead. im not sure how long that will be. in the meantime, please be patient with us. i'll stay as long as i can to help clear things. I appeal to whoever is in possession of my personal files to refrain from uploading anything further. i have spoken to my immediate supervisors and upon their advice, i will explain all of this on sunday on paparazzi, as it is the only venue i have that has a sizable reach to many of you. im sorry again."

One thing is for sure, this video stinks!


Anonymous said...

Mo wants to destroy Rhian period!

Anonymous said...

Gumatay is going down, kunyari pa hindi sya ang nagpakalat pwe

Karen said...

style bulok ni Mo palusot ka pa gus2 mo lng wasakin ang career ni rhian after ka i dump panget