Marquez cries robbery? LOL

He who eats gloves in #boxing loses

Pacquiao has thrown 578 punches connecting 176 while Marquez had it 436 connecting 138. Pacquiao threw 304 jabs connecting 59 to Marquez's 182 with 38 connects. Pacquiao threw 274 power punches connecting 117 while Marquez threw 254 with 100 connecting. You must be plain stupid if you can't understand this simple math. I suggest you wannabes out there to watch the replay with muted volume. The only reason why boxing fans were so frustrated, because we didn't see a knock down, knock out or a one sided fight. And in case that happen these idiot Pacquiao haters would simply say a cliche and Marquez is just another boxer who's out of his prime and too old for Pacquiao.

Harold Lederman of HBO scored:116-112 in favor of Pac, I bet this guy wasn't blogging or chatting while watching the bout...
Face of the winner after the fight you be the judge...
Download Pacquiao vs Marquez 3 

Notable comments from the sideline in the 12th round:

Marquez has never dominated Pacquiao in this fight. Never tell a guy he's winning.

Marquez is very conservative in this round (12) obviously he believes what Beristain has told him that he's leading.

The fighter that's most active in the last minute can win it! 

Sometime during the later round in thrilla in Manila, Muhammad Ali told Frazier that they told me you're finish Joe....Frazier told Ali, they lied to you champ, they lied. They told Marquez that Pacquiao is finish, obviously they lied.

Got this from somewhere else...

In a 10-point system, the boxer­ who wins a round is given 10 points, and the other ­boxer gets nine points. (10 -9)

If there was a ­ knockdown in the round (10-8)

2 knock downs (10-7)

If a­ judge can't decide who won the round, it is­ scored 10-10.

Now if you are the challenger, you must be­ the aggressor (Pacquiao vs Cotto) in very close­ rounds the­ Champion gets the 10. For example if­ Pacquiao would just stay still and Marquez does not­ attack, Pacquiao gets the 10 and Marquez 9. In this­ case Manny (champion) was always aggressive while­ Marquez (challenger) waits for an attack and­ counters.

Marquez's body language fooled a lot of­ people. Making people feel that he was the winner or­ at least it was a draw. It may look like he was­ landing more punches but the tricky part here is he­ was on the defensive, luring Pacquiao into his ­tactical traps (remember the challenger must be the one­ who is aggressive to be awarded 10 ).

So even if ­Marquez did connect more punches, he gets only 9 for ­ being defensive and Manny gets the 10 for being the ­attacker.

Pacquiao got more "10"s than ­Marquez. Manny wins.

_ _ _ _ _

En un sistema de 10 puntos, el boxeador que gana una ronda se da 10 puntos, y el otro boxeador recibe nueve puntos. (10 -9)

Si hubo una - caída en la ronda (10-8)

2 derribos (10-7)

Si un juez no puede decidir quien ganó la ronda, se anotó 10-10.

Ahora bien, si usted es el rival, debe ser el agresor (Pacquiao vs Cotto) en las rondas de muy cerca el campeón obtiene el 10. Por ejemplo, si Pacquiao acaba de quedarse quieto y Márquez no ataca, Pacquiao obtiene el 10 y Márquez 9. En este caso, Manny (campeón) siempre fue agresivo, mientras que Márquez (retador) espera a que un ataque y los contadores.

Lenguaje del cuerpo de Márquez engañar a un montón de gente. Que la gente sienta que él era el ganador o al menos fue un empate. Puede parecer como si estuviera de aterrizaje más golpes, pero la parte difícil es que él estaba a la defensiva, atrayendo a Pacquiao en sus trampas tácticas (recuerde que el aspirante debe ser el que es agresivo que se concederán 10).

Así que incluso si Márquez se conectó más golpes, que recibe sólo el 9 por estar a la defensiva y Manny obtiene el 10 por ser el atacante.

Pacquiao tiene más "10" s de-Márquez. Manny gana.

_ _ _ _ _ 
 Here is a short list of famous boxing analysts from major websites. This is what you get when you're blogging/tweeting while making a score. Hopefully these smart boxing analysts will watch the replay LOL!

Kevin Iole, Yahoo!, 114-114
Dan Rafael, ESPN, 114-114
Kieran Mulvaney, ESPN, 114-114
Tim Dahlberg, AP, 114-114
George Willis, NY Post, 115-113
Gary Andrew Poole, Pacquiao biographer, 114-114
Steve Kim, Maxboxing, 115-113 Marquez
Lance Pugmire, Los Angeles Times, 115-113 Marquez
Tim Smith, NY Daily News, 116-112 Marquez
Ron Borges, Boston Herald, 117-111 Marquez

Why Manny won? "Manny knows..."

I pity these wannabes, didn't know what they're talking about tsk tsk tsk. Why don't you just shut up and buy the shirt :)

BTW kudos to Michael Sellers for his spotless article and I totally agree blame Nacho!

Freddie Roach knows Juan Marquez did the right thing - not to engaged via NYtimes :) No KO and won a sombrero

Don Donatello asks on what basis did Marquez win?

If you watch the fight again (I shared the download link in case you don't have a copy), you'll say to yourself that boxing fans were just lucky enough that Pacquiao chased Marquez for the whole 12 rounds last night. Imagine if both of them made pot shots and simply counter punching the whole night?!@#.

Miguel Cotto did it, Shane Mosley did it, and now Juan Marquez did it. To beat Pacquiao you have to make him chase you, now WHATIF Pacquiao just rests in the corner LOL is it Pacquiao's fault?

Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather is going to be a bad fight, it's not because my boy Pacquiao might lose but because it's going to be the most anticipated yet boring fight of the centennial. Many will say Floyd will take Pacquiao to school LMAO Floyd is so used to the olympics where points is the main goal to win. We love Ali because he's brutal, we love Frazier because he's freaking tough, we love big George because he's nasty. We only like Floyd to fight Pacquiao because we want him to lose but that's not going to happen because Pacquiao ain't an olympiad he's a boxing great he's not Serafim Todorov ....nuff said.

Is this foot step move by Juan Marquez intentional or a mere accident? An in depth look of 21 counts foot step by Marquez

Márquez fue pisar el pie de Pacquiao no intencional o que realmente utilice el "truco del tapón de pie" en su intento de vencer a Pacquiao?

Manny Pacquiao will seek medical advice in an attempt to explain the mystery cramps he suffered in his controversial win over Juan Manuel Marquez on Saturday. Pacquiao began to experience painful cramping in the arches of his feet in the fourth round and claimed the discomfort did not subside until after the fight. “That was when it started,” Pacquiao said. “I felt so bad that my balance was gone. Every time I threw a punch I could feel it.” -  Yahoo Sports

Well champ hope you watch your fight's replay. Actually, it's not a foot cramp you'd suffered, those were foot step from your boy toy Juan Marquez.


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100% agree!

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Marquez is a joke! Nacho Beristain messed it up!

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marquez, with all his cheatings cannot even draw or defeat pacquiao??? what a pity!

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Is that ben stiller in the video bwahahahaha

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Juan Marquez is a joke! His fans are hysterically hilarious

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where the hell did your set of rules come from? its wrong. just because youre the aggressor doesnt mean you win the round.

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LMAO doesn't mean Marquez was hitting arms and shoulders that didn't mean it's counted as well. Watch the replay

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Poor Marquez delusional loser