Juan Manuel Marquez deliberately step on Manny Pacquiao shoes

Juan Manuel Márquez deliberadamente el paso de Manny Pacquiao zapatos

WTF is this? Juan Manuel Marquez deliberately step on Manny Pacquiao shoes!

Juan Marquez cries he got rob again

Márquez fue pisar el pie de Pacquiao no intencional o que realmente utilice el "truco del tapón de pie" en su intento de vencer a Pacquiao?

Manny Pacquiao will seek medical advice in an attempt to explain the mystery cramps he suffered in his controversial win over Juan Manuel Marquez on Saturday. Pacquiao began to experience painful cramping in the arches of his feet in the fourth round and claimed the discomfort did not subside until after the fight. “That was when it started,” Pacquiao said. “I felt so bad that my balance was gone. Every time I threw a punch I could feel it.” -  Yahoo Sports

Here's a list of Marquez foot stepping from the website http://wearenetworkengineers.blogspot.com

21 counts of foot stepping or more if you have an eagle's eye LMAO! Pause and Play

Round 1 - 33 secs remaining
Round 1 - 14 secs remaining
Round 2 - 1 min 06 secs remaining
Round 2 - 26 secs remaining
Round 3 - 2 mins 29 secs remaining
Round 4 - 1 min 10 secs remaining
Round 4 - 10 secs remaining
Round 4 - 10 secs less remaining
Round 5 - 1 min 15 secs remaining
Round 5 - 17 secs remaining
Round 6 - 1 min 18 secs remaining
Round 7 - 1 min 48 secs remaining
Round 7 - 45 secs remaining
Round 8 - 1 min 27 secs remaining

Round 9 - 49 secs remaining
Round 9 - 12 secs remaining
Round 10 - 2:48 
Round 10 - 2:43
Round 12 - 1 min 26 secs remaining
Round 12 - 1 min 23 secs remaining
Round 12 - 52 secs remaining

Make no mistake, Pacquiao step on Marquez foot too during the first 2 rounds and one time during the 11th. In reality this type of foot stepping accidents is pretty normal. One up to three foot stepping is normal in a southpaw vs an orthodox boxing matchup, but 5 - 20 times is ridiculously blatant cheat.

Remember Mosley foot stopped and pushed Pacquiao and got a knockdown from the referee

 Take your shoes off my NIKE!


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boxing wannabes couldn't move on and think Marquez won. LOSERS!