Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao against heavy bags

...did I hear something about drugs? I knew somebody close to him who was imprisoned because of drugs - nuff said.

C'mon who can't blame Floyd Mayweather Jr. from ducking Manny Pacquiao...kudos to the heavy bag not dodging the punches much.

Why Floyd Mayweather Jr. is hesitant to fight Manny Pacquiao:

Antonio Margarito, pummeled repeatedly, broken orbital bone, sent to hospital. Miguel Cotto, pummeled repeatedly, TKO, sent to hospital. Ricky Hatton, knocked out cold, sent to hospital, hasn’t fought since. Oscar De La Hoya, pummeled repeatedly, TKO’d, hasn’t fought since. David Diaz, pummeled repeatedly, TKO’d, sent to hospital.

The other two (Joshua Clottey, Shane Mosley) essentially refused to fight, covered up for 12 rounds and accepted lopsided losses by decision.

Pacquiao doesn’t just defeat opponents; he punishes them right into an ambulance. Mayweather, attempting to spin the argument, notes that he beat most of those guys before Pacquiao and claims he “softened them up”. The funny thing is, I can't name anybody defeated by Floyd who was sent to the hospital or at least failed to show up in the post-fight conference.


In depth explanation to the fallacy of steroid accusation on Manny Pacquiao by Floyd Mayweather - click here

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