Why Floyd Mayweather Jr. do not want a fight with Manny Pacquiao

Now that Pacquiao - Mayweather negotiation failed for the 100th time. Now the self-proclaimed greatest boxer of all time will face a new boxing prospect and current WBC welterweight champion - Victor Ortiz. The 'greatest' seems no where to run but to face a cub, Victor Ortiz is widely known for quitting against the hard hitting Argentinian Marcos Maidana. Ortiz revived his career when he beat the HBO fighter Andre 'the bum' Berto.

Victor Ortiz in photos
Hopefully, Victor Ortiz won't quit not because he is hurt or because his opponent is super boring inside the ring. Ortiz is also known for his short stint as Manny Pacquiao's sparring partner, but he's more famous for his glass jaw and his relentlessness in the ring. Though Ortiz only have 2 tough boxers in his resume, I'm still hoping he wins over the pretentious Mayweather.....unless of course this upcoming fight is scripted.

Did Team Mosley expose Pacquiao?

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