Marvin Hagler yanks Floyd Mayweather Jr.

When asked to talk about his opinions on the match-up if it ever does end up happening sometime soon, Hagler likened it to his match-up with Leonard back in '87. "Here's a guy who wants to dictate to another person, and wants to tell you what he wants to do... you know... 'I want you to take a drug test' and all these things and whatever, and I think that Pacquiao is right," Hagler said and further added, "Who are you? Who are you? I mean come on. If you want to fight, lets fight. Let's stop all these nonsense. Let's show the people out there; let's give the people out there what they want to see, and they want to see a good fight, and hopefully none of the fighters get hurt. The public is demanding this kind of fight and I think it's great for boxing."

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