Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather Jr. negotiations timeline

November 14, 2009:

Pacquiao vs Cotto

Manny Pacquiao demolished Miguel Cotto in every way possible. Floyd Mayweather Jr. probably fainted while watching this.

Accusations of steroid usage started by Floyd Mayweather Sr. during this bout.

The showdown, should it happen, could come as soon as early May. But Mayweather has long been criticized for avoiding the most challenging opponents, and already some in his camp appear to be looking for ways out of the bout. Mayweather's father, Floyd Sr., told SI he would advise his son not to face Pacquiao, saying that he believed Pacquiao's ability to absorb Cotto's shots and keep coming is proof that Pacquiao is taking performance-enhancing substances -- an accusation for which he had no proof. "I know Floyd is the best," says Mayweather Sr. "But when [your opponent] uses something illegal, even the best can get hurt."
Source - SI

A credible drug dealer? This is hilarious!

2009: Floyd Mayweather Jr. asks for USADA Olympic drug testing for a Pacquiao fight

"As management for Floyd, we're insisting this Olympic-style, random [blood] testing take place to assure it's a level field before the biggest fight in history," Mayweather's advisor Leonard Ellerbe said. "We're definitely at an impasse."

Mayweather's promoter Richard Schaefer said a Pacquiao promoter told him the Filipino superstar would not agree to a blood test within 30 days of the bout because of his superstition against testing.

Pacquiao and Mayweather have previously submitted, and passed, urine tests for performance-enhancing and illegal drugs supervised by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

Travis Tygart, chief executive of the United States Anti-Doping Agency, said a blood test can allow testers to detect use of energy-boosting synthetic EPO, human growth hormone and "a number of potent performance-enhancers not detectable in urine. . . . With a [30-day] window like that, you could dope to the gills and get away with it."

Pacquiao's trainer, Freddie Roach, said Mayweather's push for blood testing is a ploy to avoid fighting Pacquiao, who has won back-to-back fighter of the year awards and has battered world champions Oscar De La Hoya, Ricky Hatton and Miguel Cotto.

"I knew Floyd wanted a way out of the fight," Roach said.

Roach said his concern about the timing of a blood test has nothing to do with hiding anything. "It's 100% mental. If it's in your head that blood test weakens you, then it will weaken you," he said.
Source: LA Times

Note: Floyd Mayweather Jr. is an olympiad so he's very used on olympic drug testing. Boxers need points to win in Olympic, so it doesn't matter if you're a blood pound lighter I guess.... (no pun intended)

2010: Pacquiao agrees to blood testing but with 24 cut-off period. Mayweather wants 14 days cut off.

There are two issues at hand in the Mayweather-Pacquiao negotiations: the issue of money and the random Olympic-style drug testing. The two sides sat down earlier this year and the two fighters could not agree on the cut-off date for the random drug testing. Following Saturday's win over Mosley, Mayweather said the Pacquiao fight could not be made without Olympic-style drug testing.

"If Manny Pacquiao can take a blood and urine test then we have a fight,'' Mayweather said. "If not, no fight.''
According to several reports, Pacquiao watched the fight in the Philippines and afterwards spoke to Manilla radio station DZBB. Pacquiao said that he's willing to agree to the random blood testing, but only if the testing has a cutoff date of 24 days.

"For me, as long as the drug test is not done close to the match, I'll agree because if they'll get blood from me close to the match, it will be a disadvantage for me because I'm smaller and he's big,'' Pacquiao said.
The negotiations fell apart earlier this year when Mayweather refused to give Pacquiao a 24-day cutoff on the testing. Mayweather wanted a 14-day cutoff. The next time they negotiate, the deal could be harder to make.
Source- SI

Mid 2010: Pacquiao agrees to 14 day cut off

I am willing to help the sport for the future of the sport. I do not want to see anyone cheat or cheat this sport. For that reason I am willing to consider taking blood as close as 14 days prior to the fight, as long as, my opponent does the same, and it is not a lot of blood, just enough to test," Pacquiao said in a statement on his official website, .

"I do not want anyone having an unfair advantage where someone may get hurt. I am willing to do my part to help this sport out." Pacquiao has not yet watched Mayweather's domination of Shane Mosley, but plans to watch the fight very soon. He also agreed to take a blood test immediately after the fight was over. Nothing is set in stone. The next time the two fighters meet at the negotiating table, Mayweather might issue a demand for a smaller cut-off date or he might even make a demand for the testing to continue until the fight.



Pacquiao agreed to blood testing.

2011: Mayweather Jr. wants $100 Million dollar

Pacquiao promoter Bob Arum tells the Filipino media that Mayweather wanted $100 million in undisclosed talks for the biggest fight nobody has yet to see. Then, Mayweather brags on twitter by displaying a winning ticket for $37,272.75 on a bet that the Atlanta Hawks wouldn’t outscore the Chicago Bulls by six or more points in the second half. If accurate, Arum is 100 million times right in interpreting Mayweather’s demand as just another way of saying — no, hell no — he won’t fight.

But the winning ticket from Las Vegas’ M Resort looks like another good bet that Mayweather is going to need more than a nickname to pay his bills. He calls himself Money, but he won’t have much of it if gambling is a habit and criminal lawyers are a necessity.

As we all know, there have been at least two rounds of failed negotiations. During the first one, it was a disagreement over drug testing protocol that killed the fight. The Mayweather camp has refused to even acknowledge the second round of talks, even though Top Rank's Bob Arum (Pacquiao's promoter), backed up by HBO's Ross Greenburg -- who still had Pacquiao before losing him to Showtime -- says that they took place.

In any event, it seems there may have been a third round of talks that were kept private while they were going on. At least, that is if you believe Arum, which isn't always easy to do.

Arum, visiting Pacquiao's training camp in Baguio City this week, told Filipino reporters that there had been a more recent "private negotiation" for the fight.

What held it up, Arum said, was Mayweather's financial demands. The fighter's self-proclaimed nickname is, after all, "Money."

"We went through negotiations with Mayweather, nobody really knew about it," Arum was quoted as saying during his session with the reporters. "Some group came in and they wanted to put [the fight] on in a particular country [widely believed to be South Africa], and Mayweather asked for a number that was so high, it indicated that he didn't want to fight.

"Take a guess at the number that he asked for, for himself? One-hundred. That's right, $100 million. ... Who's going to pay him $100 million? I mean, unless Manny Pacquiao fights for nothing, how can you do the fight? [Mayweather] can't say no, he doesn't want the fight, so you price yourself out."
Source: ESPN

Spot the difference?

Who could blame Mayweather Jr. for being scared to fight Pacquiao?

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