Manny Pacquiao EXPOSED!

"Well I thought the fight was very boring," said Jeff Mayweather. "The fight could have been better if Shane was willing to take chances but it seemed like once he got dropped he went strictly into survival mode and become way too friendly. I didn't understand that at all. Both fighters, before every round, touched gloves. After every round they touched gloves. And I already knew in the 12th round they was gonna hug each other like they were best friends. It didn't make for a good fight when two guys are getting paid that kind of money and they are that friendly as though they really don't want to hurt one another." 
As for his criticisms towards Pacquiao, Mayweather definitely had a few things he wanted to get off of his chest.  
"I mean, Manny took chances but more or less he exposed himself," Jeff continued.  "He's so one-dimensional it's ridiculous. And when he got really aggressive he threw a hook, left-hand, hook, left-hand. Nothing else. That was the only thing that he did. Occasionally he would throw a body shot but it was so rare. And he couldn't hardly even hit Shane." 

Source: Las Vegas Examiner

"I feel like, what we had in place in Shane, everybody is going to want to fight him now," Richardson continued. "After you seen the Shane Mosley fight, I exposed him. You know how to beat him now. I asked my guy after the fight, I said 'The way you got hit the first time, did you ever get hit like that again?' and he said 'No'. That why you heard me say 'Ok, the debate is over'." 

Source: Examiner

Indeed.....Manny Pacquiao is exposed in the world of bloopers, because now we know that the best pound for pound in the world couldn't knockout chickens. The only thing to beat Pacquiao is if you can out pointed him in the whole 12 rounds basically and pathetically speaking. It's like hit, run, and more running for 12 rounds. Believe me Floyd Mayweather Jr. is light as a feather in terms of fighting like this, and if you could recall the Miguel Cotto that did the hardcore backpedaling, I thought he could win by just doing that. I am glad his heart is not as soft as the other guy who kept on pretending that he have a rock solid balls.

Pacquiao - Mosley bout was boring as hell due to the fact that an offensive boxer like Shane curled up and get scared asking his trainer to stop the imagine a Pacquiao - Mayweather bout? How boring that would be? An uber boring defensive boxer will fight like a turtle on a bicycle.

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