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While I was reading my favorite forum, somebody nicknamed Helven posted this very interesting thread. I couldn't resist to copy the whole thread and help spread the heat.

How does it feel to be in their shoes? You know, making a good living out of the sport they love. Interacting with boxers, traveling across states, enjoying free tickets and watching the fights live, reporting the events as they see it, beating the deadline and giving fans what they want and don't want to hear. I guess, it's not all glamor after all. Sometimes, they need to sensationalize something, or at least write the truth as they view it, in order to standout in the cutthroat field. Such an amazing power at the end of their fingertips.

Maxboxing Editor Coyote Duran once said in Pacland...."It's really tough to not say the wrong thing. but if we don't pry enough or stimulate the imaginations and the thought processes of those who read our material, we'll come off as bland."

Who really are those "Critics"? We often encounter the words 'boxing critics' in a negative light when speaking of Manny Pacquiao's recent decisions. Like they always have something bad to say in every move he makes at this stage of his career.

Here's a short list of the most famous critics in the boxing scene:

1) KEVIN IOLE, Yahoo Sports

- The man of the hour. There are critics who simply voice out their dislike of Pacquiao vs. Mosley match up. Iole takes it a notch higher. He declares it as GARBAGE and urges the fans to boycott the fight to make a strong statement. Though there were times he seemed to be siding with Manny in the latter's fallout with Mayweather but his real preference is pretty obvious most of the time.
A real controversial figure.

Here are some of my own rants to Yahoo's top boxing wannabes analysts.

Yahoo Pound for Pound

Dan Wetzel heart Mayweather Jr.  

When Floyd Mayweather defeated Shane Mosley, they said Floyd is super GREAT and the BEST just perfect for the TOP pound4pound list.

2) RON BORGES, Boston Herald, The Sweet Science

- Ron is a visible insider, appearing frequently in HBO boxing documentaries. One of those insightful award-winning writers whom i always look forward to reading after a Manny Pacquiao win. He can be poetic in his compliment but you can feel the venom as well in his writings if he disagrees.


- One of the talented roster of boxing scribes The Ring has on their crew. Along with Mike Rosenthal, Eric Raskin and Editor-in-chief Nigel Collins, they compose the most competent team in a boxing website. At least, that's what i think. Dougie is well-versed in boxing history. He's been to gyms, training camps, fights and writes extensively about the sport. In rare occasions, he can be seen behind the commentary box. He gives fluid analysis and he ain't shy to lash back with acid tongue against rabid fans who pester him with hate mails and angry questions in his mailbag. One instance out of exasperation, he said that a he wouldn't stoop to the level of a fan who couldn't even tell what happened in the 7th round of Duran-de Jesus rematch.

4) LYLE FITZSIMMONS, The Sports Network, Boxing Scene

You think Kevin Iole is biased in favor of Floyd Mayweather, Jr.? There's a probability you haven't heard of Lyle Fitzsimmons yet. To say the least, he's consistent about it unlike Iole. He caught the ire of Pacland not so long ago though i found myself in his defense >>> viewtopic.php?f=1&t=139239&start=0&st=0&sk=t&sd=a&hilit=another+writer+who+knows+nothing+about+boxing. Looking back and knowing what i know now, i should have kept my mouth shut. That being said, Lyle is an award-winning writer and a voting member of the BWAA.
Sample of his article...
Here's what they say in other forum... ... p?t=376098

5) GEENO McGAHE, The Ringside Report

This horror flicks lover is also a knowledgeable boxing writer. Before Brian Wilbur captured the attention of Paclanders with his informative mailbag, Geeno was RSR's proponent in the early years of Pacland. Our pioneer colleagues could attest to that. His views and criticisms on Manny were pretty tame then although Geeno had shown his unique appreciation of Manny's growing legend. I don't know if he didn't want to upset the Pacman's multitude of fans but it's a different story now. Like Kevin Iole, he's one of the most outspoken critics who has nothing but negative things to write about Arum and Manny's choice of opponents lately. If i'm not mistaken, he was already banging the drum when Joshua Clottey was picked, then Antonio Margarito.


The man who damned and praised with equal vigor. Who could ever forget the man? Once accused of harshly criticizing Manny just to generate traffic hits on his site. Nowadays, his stories go something like this... ... -fernandez

Well, if you can't lick 'em, might as well join 'em. :wink:

You decide.


I don't know if he is the real RIC LOIS here in Pacland but i do know he was once tagged as Pacland's Public Enemy no. 1. A detractor par excellent when he was at it. He said some rude things about Manny in the past but he paid dearly for it, the full wrath of Pac fans lynched him with vulgar retaliation. Like Pedro Fernandez, he's working silently in the sideline now, more often giving Manny his due although there are moments when he's making subdued jabs here and there... ... opposition

'8) TEDDY ATLAS, ESPN Boxing Analyst

The fast-talking boxing expert makes a lot of boxing sense when he gives out his post-fight analysis. He often hits it right on target although the same thing could not be said of his prediction acumen. His personal distaste of a particular boxer sometimes gets in the way. Oscar de la Hoya didn't like him either. It's easy to get awed by his smart instincts but it's much easier to hate him if you are a solid Pacquiao fan. Of course, the anonymous emails come to mind immediately. Pep talks are usually spoken inside the dressing room but Atlas has a penchant for foul-mouthed, attention-grabbing rhetoric to his fighters instead of mandating specific strategy instructions during his wild coaching days. One of those critics who shoots his mouth and won't yield whether he is right or wrong.

9) TIM SMITH, Secondsout

The alleged boxing columnist who sent Teddy Atlas the controversial email. Dennis Guillermo of the Examiner once told a discomforting story of having sat with Tim Smith in the same table and later discovered the kind of typhoon that came out of Tim's mouth. Tim is a good writer though, especially when the subject is Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

10) STEVE KIM, Maxboxing

Steve wrote some of the best articles about Manny and about boxing in general. His anti Mosley stance doesn't entirely reflect his feelings towards Manny but a mirror of his courage to express what he believes is wrong with the current state of boxing. You decide again.

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