Behind Nonito Donaire's success lies sadness and family trouble

Nonito Donaire is ranked no.5 in the Ring's top pound for pound list. Donaire is most likely the successor of the pound 4 pound king Manny Pacquiao, but to prove he's worth of the title he must first defeat Fernando Montiel.

WBA super flyweight champion Nonito “The Filipino Flash” Donaire will face WBC/WBO bantamweight champion Fernando “Cochulito” Montiel in November in the United States although no site has been decided upon as yet.

Top Rank promoter Bob Arum confirmed that Montiel “is fighting Donaire.” Vic Darchinyan, who suffered an embarrassing 5th round knockout and lost his IBF/IBO flyweight titles to Donaire in July 2007, recently challenged Montiel to avenge his brother Alejandro’s ten round defeat by him (Darchinyan) in August 2003 in Australia in an effort to land a lucrative fight.

Darchinyan was quoted by IBF official Ray Wheatley as saying “Fernando Montiel wants to be recognized as a great Mexican boxer but why won’t he fight me.” Boasting that when he fought Montiel’s brother he “kicked his ass in all of the ten rounds winning every round on points” the cocky Australian bragged that he would “do the same to Fernando Montiel if he has the guts to fight me.”

Arum said “they are all nuts. There are no professionals around. They are all totally crazy” referring to Darchinyan as well as Floyd Mayweather Jr’s adviser Leonard Ellerbe who claimed they had never discussed a megabuck fight between Mayweather and pound-for-pound king and “Fighter of the Decade” Manny Pacquiao. - Boxingscene

A recent interview on Nonito's mom made loud buzz around the boxing world. Here are some excerpts from the interview.

"'Enough is enough,' Nanay Donaire (Mom Donaire) told Anthony Andales. She wanted to clarify everything and to let her world champion son know that she is listening and will spank him if he keeps on lying.

"'Again, I'm not here to fan the flames, but to relay a message from a very concerned Mama. The Mama said it's about time for her to speak to let her son know that she's been listening to all the lies thrown around against his dad. And as a mother, she will not tolerate the bare-faced lying by her son.'

"Nanay Donaire, who is a 3rd order Augustinian secular and a church choir member, told me that hearing her son not tell the truth makes her sad. So after reading Tris Dixon's story she said to herself that this needs to be stopped.

"First, Nanay Donaire said that Nonito's dad didn't steal any money. The $240 Nonito Jr. accused his dad of stealing from him was used to feed the boxing staff.

"I say, what is $240? Is that enough to accuse your own dad of stealing? Is that enough to cut the relationship? Nanay Donaire was with me, she believes that $240 is not enough to make [Nonito Sr.] look bad.

"She added: 'Did Dodong (Nonito Sr.) accuse his son of stealing money when he spent lots of money raising him? Paying his phone bills, rent and other expenses? No the dad never accused his son of anything because he loves his son.'

"When I spoke to Nonito Sr., he recalled the Moruti Mthalane fight in Mandalay Bay, he was supposed to make $30,000 but after the fight, Junjun (Donito Jr.) and Rachel only gave him $20,000.

"'Did I accuse him of stealing? Never, I never did,' the elder Nonito said.

HE TRIED TO BE LIKE PACMAN. "Nonito Jr. tried very hard to make himself look like Manny Pacquiao, like growing up very poor, with almost nothing to eat, no food at the table, smallest share in the table. Nanay Donaire said they were poor but not as poor as his son said.

Whatever is happening right now behind the life of Nonito Donaire, I'm pretty sure it's not helping his booming career.

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