The Face of Boxing: Manny Pacquiao

"I told the referee, `Look at his eyes, look at his cuts," Pacquiao said. "I did not want to damage him permanently. That's not what boxing is about."

"Manny is the best fighter in the world," said Margarito's trainer, Robert Garcia. "He is just too fast -- very, very quick."

"I have another job after this," Pacquiao said. "I'm going back to the Philippines to do my other job and be a public servant."

The fight was for the WBC 154-pound title even though the contract weight was 150 pounds. Margarito weighed 150 at Friday's weigh-in, but was 165 on the unofficial HBO scale before the fight while Pacquiao, who had been 144.6, was 148 pounds.

Pacquiao won every round on one scorecard, 120-108, and was ahead 119-109 and 118-110 on the other two. 

A true Mexican don't quit

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So now we have a gym full of great lightweights - we'll just stick with this division for now - to compare with Pacquiao. Take these:

Is he as good or better than: Tony Canzoneri? My opinion - better. Barney Ross? Better. Roberto Duran? As good or even better.

What about Henry Armstrong, who held three titles at the same time? Wasn't he in the same class in throwing punches in multitudes? Didn't Armstrong fight somewhat like Pacquiao?

My answer: No. They are different fighters. While Armstrong would bury his head into his opponent's chest, firing lefts and rights to the body and head, Pacquiao is a thinking, deliberate puncher who rarely misses. I see Pac as the better fighter.

I'm going to wind this up by asking myself this question: Okay, Mr. Boxing Man, are you telling me this Philippine Dynamo is the best you have ever seen?

Yes, in a very long time. And he might just be the man who will eventually put boxing back in the upper deck of sports.

Believe me, this kid who aspires to be big in Philippine politics, with his perpetual smile and special brand of punching ability, is indeed the goods.- Bill Gallo / Gallo received the James J. Walker Award from the Boxing Writers Association, and the Champions Award from the Downtown Athletic Club. He was also inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame.

Pacquiao also owns victories over Oscar De La HoyaErik Morales and Juan Manuel Marquez. But is it enough to elevate him among the sport's all-time greats? Bert Sugar, a boxing historian who also works for HBO Sports, said no. Not yet, anyway. That status, he said, is dependent on a matchup against Floyd Mayweather Jr., the long-awaited fight that has not materialized. Without it, Sugar said Pacquiao ranks “up there” but not in the top 20. “He would be among the all-time great southpaws,” Sugar said. “And probably the best Asian fighter.”  
Well Bert the historian, unless you've wielded a pair of gloves and compiled championships instead of books, I probably have believed in you by now :) 

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Pinoy said...

This fight should have been stop.....Margarito is lucky Pacquiao restrained himself to inflict more damage.