Are Yahoo sports boxing analysts credible? NOT

Floyd Mayweather Jr. retained his top spot in the Yahoo! Sports boxing rankings for June, though the margin over runner-up Manny Pacquiao tightened.

For the first time in the nearly three-year history of the poll, all members of the panel submitted votes. In May, when Mayweather took over the top spot from Pacquiao after routing Shane Mosley, 33 members of the 38 on the panel submitted ballots.

Two writers were dropped after May's balloting due to a consistent failure to participate. In their place, four voters were added, bringing the total to 40: Nick Giongco of the Manila Bulletin, Chino Trinidad of GMA Television in the Philippines, Gareth A. Davies of the London Telegraph and Tris Dixon, editor of Boxing News in London.

Pacquiao fans cried bias when their man dropped from No. 1 to No. 2 in the poll. That prompted me to this month keep track of where the votes were coming from for each guy.

Mayweather received 22 of the 40 first-place votes cast. He received 18 votes from reporters representing outlets in the U.S. Pacquiao received 12 first-place votes from U.S. outlets.

No matter how Yahoo's sportwriters try to create their own international blah blah, it's still worthless and meaningless. Mayweather No.1? Are you F@#$!@ kidding me?  I'd rather place Miguel Cotto whom have the belt and not that overly defensively scared Floyd.

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