Rashad Holloway's prediction on Pacquiao vs Mayweather Jr.

While I was reading a great article from Examiner.com, I couldn't resist to share an excerpt of an interview with welterweight boxer Rashad Holloway.
In training and sparring with Pacquiao the ambitious Holloway was able to see first hand how dedicated the General Santos City fighter truly was. More than anything, what stood out to Holloway was Pacquiao's tremendous ability to constantly push himself in the gym.
"His work rate is unbelievable, unreal," Holloway said. "I have sat there and seen Manny go 30-something rounds and not even get tired. And I'm not talking about doing rounds where he just throws 70 or 80 punches or a light round, every round he goes balls to the walls and throws over 100 punches.
Everything has mean intentions. He takes that 30-second break, which half the time he doesn't want to take, and then he gets back in the ring." That type of ethic is impressive and it sounds like quite the handful to deal with in sparring. Taking a minute to uphold his own abilities, Holloway stated that his action with Pacquiao was typically full throttle and always nip and tuck. The two men didn't waste any time getting to know each other in the ring and Holloway spoke on some of their finer moments.
"The first day," Holloway recalled. "The first day I surprised him a lot. The second day he came full force. We went at it. I remember I once caught Manny with a right hand and in return he caught me with a left hand. That left hand was tremendous. It was crazy.

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