Dan Wetzel is an idiot

Dan Wetzel is not an idiot literally, but what he's trying to say on his article made him one. This guy is probably screaming while writing this article on Yahoo.
In negotiations last winter, Pacquiao agreed to that exact setup, only with a catch. The USADA wants to test either blood or urine up to the eve of the fight. Pacquiao demanded testing stop 24 days before the fight. Mayweather compromised to 14 days. Pac-man wouldn't budge.
And that was that, the fight was off and boxing fans were left with dueling lopsided events: Pacquiao shutting out Joshua Clottey in March; Mayweather dominating Shane Mosley on Saturday.
The issue – and the sole remaining issue – was that extra 10-day window of non-testing. Yet here is Pacquiao this week trying to rewrite history to create some kind of principled argument.
"My message to Mayweather, to the world, is simple," Pacquiao said to Marley. "I am not the lawmaker when it comes to the rules and regulations of any boxing commission. That is not my job or my duty. Neither is it Mayweather's unless he forms his own personal commission.
"I will comply fully with whatever drug test, blood or urine, rules are specified by the commission of the place where this fight is arranged." Now, I'm not a Mayweather fan and I'm not a Pacquiao fan. I'm a boxing fan that wants to see the best fighters fight. I look at the impasse as infuriating. The misinformation and posturing by both sides alone is pathetic.
After witnessing decades of fraud and corruption in the sport, Pacquiao's argument that state boxing commissions are some infallible regulatory outfit is an insult to anyone with a modicum of intelligence. And while hammering out performance-enhancing drug testing standards is new ground in the fight game, everything else in boxing has long been negotiable – from the cut of the purse, to the weight of the gloves, to who gets to enter the ring last. The details are always in the demands.
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Anyway here is my simple rant to Mr. Wetzel, before you open your [expletive] mouth you [expletive] sports writer, you better ask yourself why in the first place Floyd Mayweather Jr. is now asking for a USADA's olympic drug testing for the sport of boxing, yet he was under NSAC since he started his pro boxing career  in Las Vegas.

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