South Korea will enact a new law to protect actresses from sexual advances

South Korea is to bring in legislation to protect actresses after a survey found 60 percent of them said they had been pressured to have sex to further their careers, an official said Wednesday.
The law will lay down strict rules on the establishment of entertainment agencies, a culture ministry official told AFP, adding unregistered agencies would be shut down.
"The government will enact a law, this year if possible, to protect their rights," he said on condition of anonymity.
On Tuesday the National Human Rights Commission published a survey conducted last year of 111 actresses and 240 aspiring actresses. Some 60 percent reported receiving sexual advances from people who could influence their careers.
Such offers from wealthy businessmen, television programme makers, movie producers and politicians come through colleagues, entertainment agency officials and brokers, the state rights body said.
In answer to specific questions, 22 percent of those interviewed said they were "forced or requested" by their agents to provide sexual favours while more than six percent said they were sexually assaulted.

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Jang Ja Yeon committed suicide last year and according to reports, she was suggested by her management to have sex with high ranking people in order to boost her career. So do you think your favorite korean actresses are doing some mattress mambo to some dirty old man?

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