Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Shane Mosley is just another rich man's conspiracy

We all know the Pacquiao - Mayweather Jr. match-up would be the biggest fight of the century. Floyd Mayweather Jr. on the other hand just got back from a fake retirement and holds no championship belt at the moment, for now he's just a barking puppy and not the decorated rootweiler which he used to be. Shane Mosley is the current WBA welterweight champion and Floyd just recenly annihilated the bloated Juan Manuel Marquez after adding a couple of pounds over the weight limit - scared eh? Both Floyd and Shane wanted to get a bout with Manny Pacquiao, a fight with the pacman simply means 8 digits paycheck win or loss.
What makes Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Shane Mosley a conspiracy? Pacquiao have a handful of fights left before he announces every boxing fans' nightmare - his retirement. Even though Floyd is a good dancing partner for an easy $20M payout this guy is still not a champion. It doesn't matter if he's the former p4p king or the zero loss chump, it really doesn't matter. We didn't even appreciate his boxing know-how when he fought Marquez, it was a super boring fight of the decade. Anybody can be a dancing partner for mega Manny, but two dancing champions is still better to watch, more marketable and could make a gazillion of dollars in just one night. The perfect and most ideal bout is a unification bout, just imagine WBA vs WBC champions compare to self proclaimed best vs the man with the belt? I can't wait for the winner of Who R you Picking between Shane and Floyd, I am rooting for Shane to win since he can put a good show, but the guy is old for boxing. I'm not so sure if his lungs can keep up with a running horse like Pacquiao, but most likely he should be fine come fight night on May 1, he'll be fighting a barking puppy anyway.

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