Are you a fan of Melason?

Melisa Cantiveros and Jason Francisco are among the hottest celebrity couples today. Melissa aka 'Melay' and her boyfriend off and on cam Jason were both Pinoy Big Brother double winners. Melay and Jason 'melason' tandem is so hot, it was reported that the duo have the biggest fan base all over the world. I've watched a couple of PBB Double up episodes and I found Melissa's character very funny, she's so natural. She has this stupid, crazy but lovable personality. Jason's personality for me is still questionable. I don't know but I don't trust the guy, his actions is pretty much unbelievable imho.

Anyway, melason is hot like siling labuyo all over the PI. After their successful TV series Melason In LOVE, looks like they have a new reality show - Melason in the City.

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