Team Pacquiao stinks

Manny Pacquiao demolished Joshua Clottey at Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas last Saturday. Manny Pacquiao's entourage have grown up to 150 members, I believe only 30 of them are just the real Team Pacquiao and the rest are more of an opportunists. Team Pacquiao is a group of cooks, washers, drivers, massagers, trainers and messengers. It was announced before the fight that Pacquiao's entourage have grown three folds, I bet most of them are just leeches.
Now a very bad rumor is circulating the internet that members of Team Pacquiao sold temporary passes for $150. The pass is intended to be given to media personalities only, and not to be sold. This in fact is a typical Pinoy act, I don't know why these moronic Pacquiao followers have to bring their caveman attitude to an event which we Filipinos aer supposed to be showing our awesome personalities.

What makes the matter worse is the news that there were six unidentified Filipino journalists who successfully secured approval from Top Rank as official media representatives of How lame is that? Jinkee Pacquiao also brought a handful of relatives and friends according to the examiner article that I've read and all of them have went through a credential inspection but 'stayed by the sidelines in quiet protest of the credential audit'. The d-duhh you folks are in America, nobody is exempted by the rules and regulations.
Team Pacquiao is starting to stink, and hopefully they clean that crap out before it smells...embarassing!

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