Shane Mosley thinks Pacquiao is scared of him

"I was trying to fight Manny Pacquaio before Mayweather was. And then Manny Pacquiao ran and fought Cotto, you know the #2 guy for the welterweight title. Manny Pacquiao ran from me. It's on record. I told him I would fight him at 140 for his title. I said I'd bust him at 140. What happened? He turned around and fought Cotto and made him drain himself. So I thought, 'well then, if he's fighting Cotto, I'll fight Mayweather then.' When they made those discussions, I stepped aside and let them go ahead with their negotiations. Now, they couldn't make things work so I said, 'ok cool. Mayweather, let's get it on.'"
I hope Mosley's big ass mouth can shut up Floyd's bigger mouth or else his legacy will be shattered along with his illusions.

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