Pacquiao's 3 hit combo is his normal punch

Ranking Pacquiao's punching power is probably 7 from a 1 - 10 scale as 10 is the highest. Manny Pacquiao is not a natural welterweight, in fact he's just a full blown lightweight. He is usually the smaller guy in all of his bouts in the welterweight division. His smallest opponent is Ricky Hatton who is obviously bigger and more natural than him.
While I was reading a blog from the website, the author said Pacquiao bragged his speed throwing lightning combinations while saying "1-2-hook, it's like one punch, boom-boom-boom." Well everybody believes that, even Joshua Clottey. He said during the interview that Pacquiao don't have that much punching power but it's the speed that overwhelmed him. So, let's say Pacquiao's punching power is level 7, but never forget that Pacquiao punches 3 times more than a normal boxer.
What now Floyd Mayweather Jr.?

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