I really hope Floyd Mayweather Jr. will not back out with Mosley bout

“I don’t think he’ll get past Mosley,” “I think it’s even possible that Mayweather could come up with an injury or get ‘flu – or the stars won’t line up correctly – because if that fight happens and Mayweather loses, he loses everything. He will then never fight Manny for the amount of money that was originally offered, and he will lose all his pulling power.” said Ariza.
“What does he gain from beating Mosley – who is 38 years old, and who exposed Antonio Margarito’s obvious weaknesses in his last fight? Floyd will fiddle his way to a points victory if he defeats Mosley. He’ll run, build up a lead and run some more, and have Mosley running into gaps all night chasing him down.”
I really hope Floyd Mayweather Jr. will show up to his upcoming bout with Shane Mosley, but I have this very bad feeling that even though Shane is not the best Shane Mosley 5 years ago, Floyd Mayweather Jr. is still wishing this fight will get postponed better yet cancelled.

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