Gerry Peñalosa got robbed for the WBO Interim championship belt

Even Eric Morel knows he's not gonna win, Peñalosa is already raising his arms before Buffer announced the winner. I was shocked when first scorecard went to Eric Morel, and what is more shocking is the last score which is 116-112. That is ridiculous! I believe and we all know that round 1 to 3 goes for Morel, 4 and 5 are just draw but let's be honest Morel is tired from 6 - 12 his corner is even massaging his arms, that's an obvious show of weariness, he's a different fighter after the 5th round, backpedaling and running away until the 12th round.

One judge had Penalosa the winner, 115-112, but it was overruled by a score of 115-112 and an unbelievable 116-112 in favor of Morel.

Duane Ford, you're too old to judge please retire. You're an insult and shame to the boxing world 116-112 is truly unacceptable, please watch the fight again and if you will still have time watch it for the 3rd time.

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