Dreamhost vs AN Hosting

Have you developed a magnificent website? Do you find it hard to find the right kind of hosting services? Well, web-hosting can be problematic; finding space on the World Wide Web at really affordable prices is tough; Dreamhost provides hosting services that include powerful administrative tools with back-up database services. They offer webhosting services at lower prices with added features (Full Shell / SSH / FTP / SFTP User support, Debian Linux OS – security is paramount) and 24x7 technical support – a clear positive when compared to the other prevailing web hosting service providers. To provide an illustration, let us compare dreamhost with a web hosting provider – say, ANHosting.

Domain space is an important feature – larger the space, glossier the website; this is unlimited in dreamhost, AN Hosting provides only 625 GB of space. A host of authoring tools such as support for PHP, RubyOnRails, Python, CGI etc are provided in DreamHost – compare this with the support offered by AN Hosting (PHP/RubyOnRails), a clear winner.

This Dreamhost promo code will give you an instant $49 dollar discount when you register. This includes 1 extra FREE lifetime domain registration to any plan signed up for with it! This gives you 2 Free Lifetime domain name (sweeet deal) as long as you are a Dreamhost customer. That is a sweet $79 discount all in all. Not only you will get huge discounts you will also be hosted on the best web hosting company at the same time.

Dreamhost Discount Code Benefits: JOHNNY360

1. Save $49 off any plan, monthly, 1, 2, 3, 5 or 10 years, what ever you choose!

2. 1 extra FREE lifetime domain registration to any plan!

3. Best Web hosting company!

Furthermore Dreamhost provides a 100% refund, if you feel that their services do not suit your taste. The right set of tools at suitable rates – for all of your web management/web administration needs - tailor-made specifically for you, all provided by one exceptional web hosting service provider, Dreamhost.

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