USADA executive Travis Tygart supports Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Travis Tygart called the urine testing used by boxing commissions across this country “a joke.” And with Grand Rapids native Mayweather trend-setting for improved standards, Tygart’s position on how boxing screens for performance-enhancing drugs has forced the sport to consider whether its stance is outdated.

“They don’t test for EPO,” Tygart said. “They don’t test for designer steroids. They test for a basic, simple menu that anybody with a heartbeat will escape. I just hate to hear that Shane Mosley did something really sophisticated to get around their testing. No, he didn’t. He would’ve been caught dead to rights in our program. But it doesn’t take a lot to sidestep the simple kind of drug testing that these state commissions are doing.”

Tygart said the only way to accurately monitor athletes is through “true, no-notice testing,” adding that with a few hours’ notice, any athlete can mask his or her use of performance-enhancers.

Good thing that USADA is supporting Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s claim for a cleaner 'no dope' athletes in boxing.

But the real question is, WHY NOW? Did he whine about this when he fought Juan Manuel Marquez, Ricky Hatton, or Oscar Dela Hoya? Is he that scared of Manny Pacquiao? I believe he is FREAKING SCARED!

“At the end of the day, our interest is the interests of clean athletes,” Tygart said. “So anyone, Mayweather or otherwise, who stands up and says ‘I want the best program to protect my right to compete,’ we’re going to support him."

Hey! I'm not gonna believe that your freakin system is accurate! What about this? Faulty procedure in Jenkins case

In case USADA will be part of boxing regulations, please please and please test all boxers not only Manny Pacquiao. It's so obvious that you guys are siding with your pet boy Floyd. Anyway, how about a real drug test to Roger and Floyd Mayweather Sr.?

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