Oscar Dela Hoya is an idiot

These are Oscar Dela Hoya's statement regarding the Mayweather Jr. - Pacquiao and Mosley - Mayweather Jr. bout.
"The public will hopefully make him change his mind," De La Hoya said. "Why would you not want to earn $40 million? Why would you not want to show the public that all this speculation is nonsense? Be the one to stand up and say it."
I can't believe these statements are coming from the mouth of the once great Oscar Dela Hoya? I wonder if he knows the word 'PRINCIPLE'. I guess not, he's just a Mayweather puppy.
"I know where Mayweather is coming from with this," De La Hoya said. "This was a perfect stage to show the world that, hey, us fighters have nothing to hide. ... It's not like hitting a baseball or running a sprint. These are our lives at risk up in the ring."
Did I hear somebody shout 'Drug Dealers'?
"I believe Mosley will raise his hand and say, 'Take me to the laboratory,'" said De La Hoya, who believes Mosley's protestations of ignorance in his dealings with BALCO. "And I'll be the first to applaud him." - Oscar Dela Hoya
Hey Oskie did you forget that Mosley will fight either Pacquiao or Mayweather with one hand just to get a fight with them?

I don't believe that Oscar Dela Hoya is an idiot and stupid, although a lot of boxing fans are screaming that he is in fact an idiot and is the one who is tarnishing the reputation of boxing. But one thing for sure, Pacquiao - Mayweather Jr. fiasco made him looked like a fool, not only that he didn't step up and showed that he's the boss, but instead he joined the Mayweathers' claims - Pacquiao is on steroid and we are clean.

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