Manny Pacquiao and UFC

As I was reading the biography of the legend MMA promoter Bob Shamrock, the father of the famous duo Ken and Frank Shamrock. I bumped into Ken Shamrock's website and found out that his team is looking for new team members.

I asked myself, what if Pacquiao joins UFC? I wonder if he can survive the brutal try outs just to be a member of the Lion's Den by Ken Shamrock?

The Lion's Den is known for its brutal try-outs because once accepted into the Den, the members would live in Ken's home having their dinner provided by Shamrock. Ken needed to make sure only the best got through. The try out consisted of the following:

* 500 squats
* 200 push ups
* 200 sit ups
* Sprints while carrying a man of near equal weight on their back
* 2-mile run with a man of equal weight on your back
* Repeated runs up and down bleacher steps
* Bear-crawls up steep hills
* Lugging heavy barrels of water and sand bags up steep hills

The candidates who were still left at this point would then go on to do as many pull-ups as they can without stopping.

I believe Manny Pacquiao can easily join Team Shamrock, I'm just worried about the sprints and 2 mile run with a man of equal weight on his back. Pacman never run with a man on his back, only the pacman the dog runs with him during trainings. On the other hand, can Team Shamrock do 3,000 ab crunches and 24 rounds in the mitts without breaks?

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