Looking for Mayen Austria Photos? Kris vs Mayen Scandal

I bet the word Mayen Austria is one of the hottest google searches in the Philippines. Kris Aquino speaks about the Mayen - James Yap controvery in The Buzz yesterday. It all started when a Valle Verde girl named Mayen Austria texted James Yap while the couple is having lunch. Kris narrated the story in details in The Buzz.

"James, what's wrong with me? Ginawa ko na ang lahat, pero wala pa rin..." Tapos ay umiiyak na raw ito. Sumagot daw si James ng, "Kung ayaw sa iyo, huwag mo nang ipilit pa..."

She said it was true that she went to the Austria's home to speak with Mayen but the rumors regarding her being tactless and screaming in public is very untrue. The face off is supposed to be a private matter but because of the issue made public by the Austrias which started as a text message read as follows:

"To everyone. Kris Aquino passed by house to make me sugod. She spoke to my mom. Very mad, berating us saying i always text and call james. That my mom didn't bring me up right. That we shouldn't be talking to married men. She said she's leaving james and to know that i am the last straw and the reason for their break-up. My family has great respect for Teopacos who are our family friend. Mrs. Teopaco is Cory's youngest sister. My mom raised us right. My mom didn't deserve all that. James missed called and texted na he warned me pupunta siya sa house. He called me to apologize and say sorry. Kris said we had something going on. I don't deserve this. Most especially my mom. I have chemical depression and could have easily taken an overdose of pills because of the incident. With the hugs and love of my mom and sisters, and tranquilizers, i'm okay. Do you want Kris to be in malacanang."

Video of Kris Aquino in The Buzz

If you're still looking for Mayen Austria's photos, I believe you will find nothing.

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