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Dreamhost is the best web hosting today, they offer the most affordable, easy-to-use, hack free web hosting. Dream Host offers the best possible hosting solution you need whether for personal or company use. Check this out!

# Unlimited disk space on Dreamhost servers!

# Unlimited bandwidth!

# Unlimited mysql databases.

# One click installer for many popular software like wordpress, wiki, many shopping carts, etc.

# Totally free domain with your first registration. (1 Extra Lifetime Domain name when you use JOHNNY360)

# Unlimited number of domains can be hosted

# PHP 4, PHP 5, Ruby on rails , FastCGI, and more.

# Web 2.0 web control panel.

For Maximum Dreamhost Discount. Use our DREAM97DISCOUNT for instant $97 maximum dreamhost discount. The discount code does not cover additional FREE LIFETIME domain name.
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This Dreamhost promo code will give you an instant $49 dollar discount when you register. This includes 1 extra FREE lifetime domain registration to any plan signed up for with it! This gives you 2 Free Lifetime domain name (sweeet deal) as long as you are a Dreamhost customer. That is a sweet $79 discount all in all. Not only you will get huge discounts you will also be hosted on the best web hosting company at the same time.

Dreamhost Discount Code Benefits:  JOHNNY360

1. Save $49 off any plan, monthly, 1, 2, 3, 5 or 10 years, what ever you choose!

2. 1 extra FREE lifetime domain registration to any plan! Dreamhost offers free domain plus when you use this code that's an additional FREE domain name.

3. Best Web hosting company!

With Dreamhost web hosting you will no longer worry of getting DUGG, PROPELLED, or SPHUNN. You will never see that annoying bandwidth limit exceeded error again. Get out of that nightmare and have your very own dream hosting. You'll find $97 coupon codes out there but they don't have 2 free lifetime domain names! Imagine how much savings you can get, this is the best deal out there for you! Sign up now!

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