Olympic Style Drug Testing might ruin Pacquiao - Mayweather blockbuster

We all know that coach Freddie Roach doesn't like the idea of Pacquiao fighting between March to May next year. Floyd Mayweather Jr. challenged Pacquiao to fight him on March 13, 2010. Maybe upon knowing of the news from coach Roach, Floyd thought it would be the perfect time to challenge the pound for pound king after his bloody fight with Miguel Cotto. But, out of the blue Manny Pacquiao answered back and ready to sign the contract. This time the junior Mayweather is nowhere to be found and now asking for a ludicrous olympic style drug testing, stating that Manny Pacquiao is using an enhancing drug. Olympic Drug Testing is very complicated and problematic to a fighter. Olympic style testing requires multiple random drug tests. The fighters can be expected to experience eight to ten random urine tests and five to six random blood tests in the ten weeks leading up to the fight.

New York-based athletic physician, Dr. Keith Pyne, a private injury consultant for NFL athletes and those who participate in running and combat sports, told AOL Fanhouse,

"I have more than 800 guys who are special athletes who are all drug-tested. And the urine testing is sufficient that you won't miss anything, especially with performance-enhancing drugs. So, yes, I believe that the urine testing is more than sufficient for boxing. If you're using steroids, it's going to come up for sure in urine. There's no way it's going to get through the liver and the kidney without being detected."


When a boxer is scared to fight somebody, ludicrous demands is the right way to duck him.

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