Manny Pacquiao no show at Gusi Peace Prize ceremony

Manny Pacquiao no show at the respectable Gusi Peace Prize awarding night raises a lot of eyebrows, but what is interesting is the video below. Many says it was the founder himself lambasting Pacquiao because he didn't show up during the awarding night. I, as a Pacquiao supporter wanted to ask this question, did Manny Pacquiao really wanted this peace prize? Does he really needs to be there to deserve that effing prize? Just how many award winning organizations are out there wishing Pacquiao would come and receive their plaque of appreciation and whatnot. Just how many nonsense showbiz media personnel out there are chasing Pacquiao just to ask those stupid silly questions? Did Gusi even think the man wants to rest or at least escape the crazy world where he is right now?

One more thing, Manny Pacquiao doesn't need a prize award just to let the whole world know that he wanted peace for his country. Never forget that Manny Pacquiao's greatness can halt a bloody war and unite the Filipino people for a single day.

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“You know the Gusi Peace Prize is a very fair Peace Prize although it is the Asian equivalent of the Nobel Peace Prize…”

Gusi Peace Prize

Nobel Prize


Ex-Ambassador to Micronesia, Barry Gusi

Chemist, engineer, innovator, and inventor, Alfred Nobel.

Nomination Process

Anyone, even you, can nominate an awardee.

3,000 nomination forms are sent to a very select group
composed of members of the academe and former laureates

Selection process

The committee deliberates and checks if the honorees can
make it to the awards night.

A committee of five assigned to each category deliberates
on the entries. The short list is then sent to international specialists who
choose the final winners.

Conditions for winners

- At least 35 years old (Manny Pacquiao
is 30, right?)

- Must show up at the awards ceremony or suffer Gusi’s

- Has done something noteworthy, or a lot of charity work

- No announced age limit

- Winners are given the award whether or not they show up

- Must pass the rigorous criteria set by the committee specializing in each

The prize

A plaque of appreciation shipped by Gusi’s
relatives from Germany
and “the international prestige attached to being a Gusi
Peace Prize awardee,” according to Gusi

A gold Nobel Prize medal and a cash award (US President Obama received $1.4 million) to serve as funding for more
research or continued welfare work in the awardee’s
home country

Notable past winners

Carlo J. Caparas, Sen. Aquilino Pimentel Jr., Benjamin Abalos,
and Sen. Rodolfo Biazon

Jimmy Carter, Pablo Neruda, the Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa
and Martin Luther King Jr.

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Anonymous said...

Have you seen their website? It proclaims the founder as "One of the greatest man (sic) in the 21st century". How could so many people have agreed to associate their name with an organization like that?