What unbelievers of Manny Pacquiao are saying before the firepower mega bout

But Ndou, who fought out of Australia for years although he’s now training in east Johannesburg with Harold Volbrecht (a welterweight contender in the 1980s), reckons Cotto will have the advantage. “I fought Cotto – he’s a strong, smart fighter. I don’t think it will be easy, but if I had to bet, I’d put my money on Cotto.”

Ndou, also a former sparring partner of Floyd Mayweather, said he had no doubt who would win if Pacman and “Money” ever got it on. “Mayweather will win with one hand behind his back.”

Ndou, the IBO welterweight champion, is scheduled to defend against Matthew Hatton, Ricky’s brother, on November 13, and he’s confident of keeping his belt. “He’s living off his brother’s name. He’s like a donkey in a horse race. You can feed him carrots and make him think he’s a race horse, but I’ll show that he’s just a donkey.”

I am not buying into the, "I believe Cotto will once again rise to the top of boxing when he steps into the ring with Manny Pacquiao on November 14th." Another note to the Manny Pacquiao fans, please stop comparing Miguel Cotto to Ricky Hatton, they are nothing alike and you will witness that soon enough, when you see Cotto bang Pacquiao's body and head like a drum. Cotto can take a punch, he proved that against Margarito, and I'm willing to bet he can take whatever Manny Pacquiao is going to dish out and unlike Ricky Hatton, Cotto will be dishing it right back.

My prediction for the fight goes as follows: Miguel Cotto will simply be too much for Manny Pacquiao. His size and strength advantage alone will give Pacman fits and what is going to happen when Pacquiao lands flush shots on Cotto and nothing happens? Jumping up in weight classes will finally catch up with Manny Pacquiao on November 14th and when the fight is over and it's Miguel Cotto's hand that is raised in victory, please don't make excuses, just remember I told you so. - Tony Montgomery / braggingrightscorner.com

In countless occasions Pacquaio has shown us that he is good fighter, of that there is no doubts. However to see him as unbeatable or to proclaim that he posses quality of a great technician or other virtues that he lacks is far from logical in my opinion. However, this adventure in these weight categories has come to end, November 14th he will fight a fighter in his peak superior in all attributes and it will cost him greatly for him to have thought he could win.

When Cotto make his power felt on the fighter in front of him, the Filipino will realize that he should have never taken this fight. That night he will realize the advantages with the catchweights that his trainer tried to impose will not be enough. In that moment we will see Cotto for what he really is, a quality champion in his natural weight and he will do what a champion should do when he’s prepared and focused for a fight. The young prospect Antonio DeMarco repeated to us that old boxing adage “Fights are won and lost in the GYM.” Cotto is busy doing what he needs to do and has left the rest to his team.

My chips are all in, this time the Boricua will give his best performance and I am sure that Cotto will end with the Filipino’s dreams and bring him back to reality. - REYNALDO SÁNCHEZ/ BOXEOEDITORES.COM/boxeomundial.net

Pacquiao needs to realize that it won’t matter if he loses the fight. Pacquiao will still remain a hero in his home country of the Philippines. The only outcome of his loss to Cotto is that, depending on how bad the defeat is, Pacquiao might lose out on a potential mega fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. That’s no big deal. Cotto will fight Mayweather in that case and Pacquiao can always hang around and hopefully get a chance at fighting the winner of that bout.

I’d rather that the winner of that fight someone else like Antonio Margarito rather than have to face Pacquiao, who be more of a retread at that point. But the cable networks will probably want to give Pacquiao another chance at the bit to see if he can redeem himself somehow. I don’t give Pacquiao any chance against the winner of that fight, but at least he’d still be able to get a good payday. - Manuel Perez/BoxingNews24.com

“If I had to pick anybody in the world to fight Pacquiao, it would be Cotto,".

“Cotto has the best chance of anybody to beat him (Pacquiao) because of his physical power and strong left hook." - Angelo Dundee

I know that many Filipinos will be hurt on November 14th, I feel very sad for them because Manny Pacquiao is all they got. The saying goes “Ignorance is Bliss” and they are very naive when it comes to boxing and they will face the harsh reality that night.

I will say it again, “Miguel Cotto is bigger, better, and stronger than the Pacman”. The only way Cotto will lose this fight is if he is no longer the same guy or is weight drained from the catch weight.

All those HBO 24-7 shows, those training video with Pacman hitting the bag with fancy moves are nothing for Cotto, remember the bag doesn’t hit back. Miguel Cotto is the master of timing he beat faster guys in Zab Judah and Shane Mosley. Speed is nothing new for Cotto, he will show how you counter speed on November 14th. Manny Pacquiao will have no answer for the raw size and power of Cotto, believe that!

P.S-I am willing to bet 95 % of you Pacquiao fans have no clue who the legendary Carlos Ortiz is! that’s how limited your boxing knowledge is. Lester Salvador / Nowboxing.com

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