Krista Ranillo is Hot! Jinkee Pacquiao is Mad!

Krista Ranillo is linked to Manny Pacquiao after Ara Mina, although many said they've seen Manny and Ara together, both of them never admitted these accusations and hear says.

Krista Ranillo is the leading lady of Manny Pacquiao on his upcoming movie Wapakman. Even during Pacquiao's training in Baguio, reports said media are not allowed and supposed to take photos and videos of them together. Krista and Manny were also reported giving away food and other stuff during the Ondoy floodings.

Krista Ranillo was even spotted watching Pacquiao playing hoops in Baguio, some even mentioned she gave Manny Pacquiao a good face sweat wipe.

Alright, so rumors are now spreading like a wild fire in the world wide web. According to reports, Krista Ranillo is now in Las Vegas to support pound for pound king Manny Pacquiao. Hmm?! When I watched The Buzz last time, Jovert said Jinkee Pacquiao won't be flying in to Vegas because of the said fact. Looks like the very hottie Ms. Krista Ranillo will get banned soon in Pacland :)

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