Floyd Mayweather Jr. talks about a possible Pacquiao fight

I read an article from CNN and I was laughing so hard I thought I swallowed my tounge. Floyd Mayweather Jr. is funniest in fact the most smarta$$ of all boxers. During the Firepower fight he's no where to be found and now he's talking, to my stupidity I didn't even realize that he was just memorizing all his scripts for his interviews.

"If he wants to fight Floyd Mayweather all he has to do is step up to the plate."

Step up who? Mayweather Jr.'s last fight was with Marquez, Floyd is known for bashing and criticizing Pacquiao's opponents that they are all exposed and washed out fighters. And who is Juan Manuel Marquez - isn't he the guy who was floored down 4 times by Manny Pacquiao, one of the greatest fighter of all times.

"The world's going to go 'wow' if Floyd Mayweather gets beaten. That's what everyone is looking to see.

World will WOW if he really will fight Pacquiao and no 60/40 split bullcrap.

"If I beat Manny Pacquaio do you know what they are going to say? 'You are supposed to beat him, you are Floyd Mayweather, you are the bigger man'. If I knock him out they'll say 'you're supposed to knock him out he's been knocked out before'.

And Floyd really thinks he can hit Pacquiao with his 1 hit counter punch and 2 short straight combos? This guy is drunk.

"I'm in a no-win situation and when I beat him no one is going to be surprised because he's been beaten before; whatever I do to Pacquaio has been done before - he's been beaten on three occasions. And if I knock him out I don't want the world shouting because he's been knocked out twice before."

I better stop writing about this guy here, his last statement made me threw up already. With Mayweather Jr.'s pretty low knock out percentage, I can't believe he could utter the words 'After I knock out Manny'. Maybe I have to believe that this guy is really just a mere joke.

This one I read on Skysports, about Floyd Mayweather Jr. who thinks Pacquiao is running scared.

"When they asked Manny Pacquiao 'would you like to fight Floyd Mayweather' he said talk to my promoter; they didn't ask your promoter they asked you, what do you want to do?

"Manny Pacquiao was asked the same question 'do you want to fight Floyd Mayweather' three times. This is something the world is trying to force on him. If he wants to fight Floyd Mayweather all he has to do is step up to the plate."

Promoters makes the fight, great fighters just destroy everything that placed in front of them. Trash talkers just hide and have an interview after the fight fight. Great boxers do the talking inside the ring. Fake ones talk nonsensely outside the ring.

Funny thing is when Shane Mosley called out his name in front of his face after his win over Juan Marquez. Floyd Jr. called it a disrespect. Hilarious mofo!

P.S. Floyd Jr. you better ask your Dad if you have to fight Pacquiao, I'm sure Floyd Sr. is just another Pacfan.

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