Dream Match Pacquiao vs Mayweather Jr.

According to some reports, the Pacquiao vs Cotto Firepower mega bout has generated 1.25 million pay-per-view buys and is still counting. Floyd Mayweather Jr. insisted that he’s the boxing cash cow right now and wants the bigger share for a possible bout between him and Pacquiao. His biggest so far ppv sales is the 2.4 million record breaking ppv buys when he clashed with the golden boy Oscar Dela Hoya. Make no mistake here, Mayweather is not the cash cow between his fight with Dela Hoya, Oscar is known to generate huge amount of ppv buys. The Hatton vs Mayweather generated 920k ppv buys which is almost even with the Pacquiao vs Hatton bout, although there are no exact details about the sales rumors are it generated 820,000 to 1.1 million, do not disregard that the bout happened during the peak of recession.

Mayweather Jr.’s latest blockbuster fight was with the bloated Juan Manuel Marquez. The bout generated 1.1 million pay per view buys, make no mistake again JMM has a huge number of Mexican followers in Mexico and the U.S. Now, the question is this, who should get the larger share of the pie in case Pacquiao vs Mayweather Jr. would actually happen?

After the Cotto vs Pacquiao mega bout, Floyd Mayweather Jr. couldn't be stop on his nonstop interviews left and right once again, boasting and whining at the same time. It’s good thing actually, it serves as a pre-hype in case Pacquiao vs Mayweather bout would take place. Now, the rumors are about Floyd Mayweather Jr. wants to get the bigger share of the ppv buys. Is that acceptable? Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been in hiatus for almost 2 years and he fought a bloated super lightweight contender in a no-title bout. Mayweather Jr. has no championship belt and has no record of challenging or defeating a worthy welterweight in his class. So, do you still think he deserves the bigger share?

Floyd Mayweather Jr. wants Pacquiao to call out his name.

"Manny Pacquiao is the fighter and every time someone asks him if he wants to fight me, he says it is up to his promoter, he's going to take a vacation, whatever the answer is," Mayweather said. "I have yet to hear him actually say, 'yes I want to fight Mayweather.' We are the fighters and if one fighter is talking about fighting another fighter, then they should just come out and say it. Manny Pacquiao doesn't say anything directly about fighting me because he might just know it's not a fight he can win."

If Manny Pacquiao wants to fight me, all he has to do is step up to the plate and say it himself," - Mayweather Jr.

A couple of days ago, in a radio show, Manny Pacquiao stated that he wants to fight Mayweather Jr. We all know that Pacquiao is not a coward which Mayweather Jr. keep on insisting. I bet Pacquiao has bigger balls than Floyd. If you could still remember, when Mayweather Jr. defeated Marquez, Shane Mosley came in the ring together with Bernard Hopkins, not only Shane did call out Floyd's name to fight him or a real welterweight with his own size, Shane and B-Hop even mercilessly laughed at Floyd when he couldn't answer him back, don't push the button yet, Floyd scolded back saying Shane was being disrespectful. I really wish Floyd Jr. would fight Shane, at least in case he win he has a belt to boast. It is really uncool right now because he is full of himself yet he has nothing to be proud of. The only reason people are watching and buying ppv for his fight is because they just want to see him get knock out badly. But how can you KO somebody that is always in defensive mode and doesn't want to fight.

Shane vs Mayweather Jr. should happen!

If you think Mayweather Jr. would fight everyone that calls out his name, you are wrong. Manny Pacquiao is the man that will fight anyone who's calling out his name.


Unqualified, beltless, brain damaged, and over weight no need to call Pacquiao.

With all these hearsays, talk shits and whatnot nobody knows if the dream match will really happen or will remain as a dream forever. Hopefully Bob and Oscar could seal a deal.

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