You have to Watch Paranormal Activity!

I watched this freaking movie last Saturday and believe me, this is the best of all the best scary movie out there! This is so real you will pee in your pants. Paranormal Activity scared the hell out of me, I couldn't even sleep the night I watched the movie.

According to some news, the movie was produced for only $11,000 to $15,000, meaning it wasn't real, it looks like a documentary but really it was fake. BUT! This is the BEST scary movie of all time! Katie Featherston is hot! She portrays the young beautiful student who is living with his boyfriend Micah Sloat.

This photo is the only Katie Featherston photos that I found online...

Katie is haunted with supernatural presence in their home. Upon knowing this Micah setup a video camera to capture all paranormal activity in their house - most of the time during the night inside their bedroom.

I dare you to watch Paranormal Activity by yourself! To all of you who are searching for a live streaming or a video download of this movie, I'm telling you right now it's not worth it. This video is best to watch in the big screen!

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ShemmBreezy. L. said...

OMG i watched the movies yesterday because it was my 16th and OMG that was the freakiest movie i have ever watched and at the end how the....ill leave it there dont want to spoil the movie. :L
oh well i think this was the best out of all times

rating this out of 1 to 10
i say 15... lol
oh well thank you so much i loved it. cya

Katie Featherston she was the bombdigity. and Micah Sloat you the man bro you dont take shieeeet from nobody lol
nobody f**ks with your girl and gets away with it lol
you took thay shieet like a real man

love you guys
love the movie
made me proud


ShemmBreezy L.