UFC 104: Lyoto Machida vs Shogun Rua Replay Video

UFC 104 is the best! Lyoto 'the dragon' Machida is the undefeated light heavyweight in the UFC. Machida vs Rua is one of the best match up in the UFC. Did you miss the fight? Watch it here!

Here is the post conference of the UFC 104, Dana White thought Shogun Rua is the winner. But many UFC fans Machida is the real champion. Dana White is just hyping a rematch I'm sure, the only way Mauricio 'shogun' Rua could win this fight if he can take down Machida and punish him from there and that didn't happen or won't even happen even in a rematch.

Watch the rematch! You decide!

The only winner here really is the commentator Joe Rogan, who is really a Shogun hugger hahaha.

He even asked Machida 'Do you agree about that judge's decision?' Whattaguy!

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