Shane Mosley vs Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is one formidable boxer—a welterweight dynamo clearly deserving of much more respect than he is getting lately.

Before Manny Pacquiao gained the throne by knocking Ricky Hatton senseless in two rounds, it was many fans' opinions (including mine) that Juan Manual Marquez was at boxing's summit, and that he was possibly the true No. 1 among the world's pound-for-pound boxers.

When Mayweather came out of retirement, it wasn't due to anything Shane Mosley or Pacquiao had done. It was because Marquez called him out on national TV in front of a worldwide audience.

And still, the Mayweather detractors—and there are many—seem to think that he is ducking and dodging fighters in his own 147-pound welterweight class.

Nothing can be further from the truth. - Bleacher Report

Who ever wrote this article is dumb period. Juan Marquez as the TRUE pound for pound boxer? Get a life, no matter how this author tries to pretend he's not a Marquez or a Mayweather Jr. hugger it's so obvious that this guy is one.

Anyway the fight is over and Floyd got his paycheck and Marquez got his sweat and blood money. Here is the thing, I just want to remind Floyd Mayweather Jr. and to all his followers that Uncle Mosley is waiting for him inside the ring.

I will fight Marquez because he called me out. And to be the best you have to beat or fight the best - Mayweather Jr.

Hmmm, is that right?

Shane Mosley vs Floyd Mayweather Jr. will happen only if Floyd Mayweather Jr. has the balls to face his uncle.

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