Season 1 Episode 3 Friday Night Bites

As Damon continues his mischievous and biting arrival in Mystic Falls Elena tries to let Bonnie get to know Stefan a little better but it ends up backfiring since Bonnie (with her psychic powers) knows something is a little different with Stefan, something Elena isn’t aware of at all. On top of that Damon shows up and gets “invited in” with his new toy Caroline and as always he tries to ruin Stefan’s moment. Damon shows more of the weakness he has over Elena, just like his brother, she kind of puts him in his place.

Stefan gets to show off his football skills and ends up having Mr. Tyler ask him to join the team. Meet the new star football player for the Timber Wolves! He also keeps showing off his knowledge of history in class making the teacher look a little stupid. You know if I’m a vampire walking around in daylight I’d keep a little lower profile than showing off my knowledge of history events from the past 2 centuries.

Stefan and Damon continue their brotherly feud and it really seems Damon knows all the buttons to push with his “younger” brother. Damon teases Stefan about Elena but let’s him know he has his own cheerleader now. Another biting toy for Damon!

At the pep rally Stefan gives Elena a necklace to wear that has some kind of “herb” in the locket. Probably something to keep brother Damon away, don’t you think? Maybe garlic? We’ll find out! We also see a fight break out, Stefan breaks it up but ends up getting cut and Elena runs over to check on him and he has healed up already. He blows it off as nothing but she’s curious about it.

A very cool diary moment as Stefan mentions maybe there is no good left in his brother but as the scene fades it shows Damon watching over Elena with a caring look in his eyes.

Another good story, the show is still growing on me and I do like it better than the Emo-esc Twilight but it’s still new, it has some proving to do but it is on the right path.

Watch Season 1 Episode 3 Friday Night Bites here!

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