2 million ppv buys for firepower

According to reports, Marquez vs Mayweather Jr. bout is a success, in fact it reached a million pay-per-view buys. The bout became a success not just because the fighters are popular but also the fact that boxing itself is still a good business. The fighters and promoters also have given their big shares in promoting the fight. Best moved was when they moved the date of the fight, from July to September because of a baby back rib injury. It gives a plenty of time to promote the fight. Floyd Mayweather Jr. and family gave their fair share in promoting the fight by talking nonsense and trash to the reigning pound for pound king. Juan Manuel Marquez admitted he drinks his own piss, Floyd and company acted as clowns in the WWE. GBP also packed the fight with very interesting undercard fights.

Do you think Firepower can make more than 1M ppv buys?

Here are some reasons why:

Manny Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto are the real no.1 fighters, these are not your self proclaimed numero uno or number one boxer.

Manny Pacquiao followers are not just Filipinos, even though not all of them can afford to buy a pay per view, the supporters are world wide and coming from different nationalities.

Miguel Cotto fan base is huge! Puerto Ricans are like mexicans, they simply support their very own fighter.

Pacquiao and Cotto are both threats on each other.

Firepower could be a stepping stone for a new boxing world record a 7/7 feat for Manny Pacquiao if he can pull a win for this bout. A Pacquiao victory would give him a world title in a boxing record history seventh weight division - flyweight, junior featherweight, featherweight, junior lightweight, lightweight, junior welterweight and welterweight.


Anonymous said...

Firepower will definitely own gayweather - marquez bout

Anonymous said...

Nov 14, 2009 would be the day in boxing history that a Pinoy Prize fighter will be remembered as the only man on planet to achieve accolades from boxing scribes, boxing enthusiast and fanatics (including this source of course) all over the world, that Pacman will somehow exemplify the greatness of a Filipino blood which soon defies all odds in boxing. Neither a bad mouthed Mayweather Jr. could surpass a feat that this Pinoy will have to show this coming Nov 14, 2009. Better watch folks!...Pinoy- Nabunturan ComVal Province, Philippines.