Ten things why Firepower is better than Number One vs Numero Uno

Millions of boxing fans around the world could not wait for the upcoming clash between the pound for pound best of Puerto Rico and the pound for pound king of the world on November 14. Although this bout is entitled 'Firepower', it doesn't mean these fighters are not the best boxers out there today, in fact in 'reality' they are the real no.1 boxers of today.

Ten things why Pacquiao vs Cotto is better than Mayweather Jr. vs Marquez

1. Manny Pacquiao or Miguel Cotto don't have to cancel their fight due to a rib cage injury or to obviously fake an injury.

2. Both fighters doesn't need to ask their father to talk shits just to hype the fight.

3. Neither boxers doesn't need to give away cash and tickets to fill up the MGM arena.

4. Neither boxers doesn't need to drink their own piss.

5. Neither boxers don't have to bring their armored truck to show off their loots.

6. Neither boxers doesn't need to appear in a wrestling match.

7. Firepower don't need a three month extension for ticket sales and fight hype.

8. Neither boxers doesn't have to pick and choose any opponent.

9. Firepower will never be a boring fight.

10. Manny Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto is like a mixture of C4 and TNT not FART and PISS.

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