Team Cotto interview regarding the Firepower mega bout

"I had done one other thing, but had not yet seriously stepped on the gym," said Cotto, who made the typical routine of stretching exercises and five rounds punishing the heavybag.

"The idea is to do it two to three times a week until Phil Landman (his coach) touches the island on August 22 and begin to train full-time on the 24th (August)," said the boxer from Caguas.

Also, their coach, Joe Santiago, stressed that one of the reason to start preparing more than three months before the battle reflects in the quality of the opponent(Pacquiao).

"We want to go to work slowly and get the most out of the following three months to achieve a quality of preparation," said Santiago, who works in his second fight of Cotto as a coach.

"We will still be well conditioned to avoid the history of previous fights, like that of Antonio Margarito, in which Miguel had a good but long long preparation. We do not want to arrive tired the day of the fight and therefore we will divide/pay attention to the workload, "he added.

Cotto has been watching his weight carefully even during his resting-time after the grueling fight against Joshua Clottey last June.

"He was at rest, but made his short running laps to maintain a balanced weight, so that there's no setback in the preparation/training," shared James.

They will use eight-ounce gloves....

According to representatives of Pacquiao, they have also requested the duel to be approve for the use of eight-ounce gloves. However, the regulations of the Nevada Athletic Commission requires that fights above 140 pounds, participants must wear ten-ounce gloves. However, if allowed to use eight-ounce gloves it would not be the first time they make an exception to the rule. For the brawl of Cotto-Margarito, the Commission of Nevada approved the same request.

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