Some Pacquiao fans think Mayweather Jr. style can beat Manny Pacquiao

Looks like a handful of pinoy out there have already packed up their belongings and transferred already to the Mayweather's camp. Did you really enjoy that Marquez - Mayweather bout? My Kudos are all for the old and small Marquez for at least engaging, he proved and showed that he's just another great mexican boxer who wants to show the whole boxing world that's he's a fighter not a model he's not in the ring not just to win but to show who has the bigger balls and heart in a fight. As we all know, both of them are counter punchers, imagine if both of them yesterday were merely standing up and waiting for somebody to at least donate a punch.

So you really think that uber defensive, mind boggling boringness skill could beat up Pacquiao? It's possible why not, but that style could even and definitely kill any great boxer out there or worst - a coach, imagine you trained for 3-5 grueling months and you'll end up to a fighter who would barely engages, basically just standing there in the middle of the ring, man I'm sure Freddie Roach or even Pacman could die from a heart attack laughing or even in frustration thinking that millions of boxing fans have bought tickets and ppvs and would end up to a boring fight like that - just like of what we have witnessed the other night.

On the second round, Juan Marquez dropped to his knees after Floyd Mayweather Jr. released a beautiful left hook. That's Mayweather's signature knock out punch, if you get hit in the 9-12 rounds with that hook, you'll end up dreaming for the rest of the fight. I'm not a boxing guru or what not, but with so many boxing fights that I've watched, that same left hook won't get in to a fast left hander, why? You should be at least as smart as me to figure that out. WTF!

Floyd Mayweather jr. is a clever and safe fighter, this guy won't engage, he can basically wait and stand up for the whole freaking 12 rounds without engaging. That's his tactic not even a skill, but to give his opponent tons of frustration, it's like he's saying out loud - YOU WANT ME MOTHER EFFER! COME AND GET ME! Hahahaha. Marquez, as we all know is one of the boxers out there we can say a real pound for pound and a master counter puncher heck, I might say a good brawler too. Looking at Marquez's face last night, oh man I pity this guy, he really wants to fight but he ended up being Oscar Dela Hoyad! At least he wasn't Malignaggied.

I don't think Manny Pacquiao deserve a fight with Mayweather Jr., his boxing skills, tactics and prowess is too much for Floyd Mayweather Jr., Manny Pacquiao is for a boxer like Marquez, Mosley, Cotto, Margarito, Khan, Hatton, Dela Hoya, Hopkins, Klitschko, Lewis, Pavlik, Morales, Barrera, Arce, Donaire, Williams, Clottey and Tyson. I've said it all, hope you get it!

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