Finally! After three days of system crashes, is now loading faster (well, hopefully). One of the plugins caused the intermittent crashes of this site. One of the culprits of the crash is the sociable plugin 'Sociable is a plugin which adds social media buttons to your posts, and does so easily, and beautifully', I really don't know why this cool plugin had caused the crash, that's why I had to removed it. Another issue I just encountered are my scripts, they are freaking sloWwww! This site barely loads up, Alexa even said the site is very slow (14.438 Seconds), and that 99% of sites are faster :roll:

Here's what I did to save the freaking website from shutting down! Instead of inserting remote JavaScript towards the top of your page, as plenty of instructions for insertion suggest,it is totally acceptable to add it right before the tag in your theme. Due to the way page load order is handled in the browser, this will allow your content to start rendering and display before having to wait for remote files (which would load first were they in the header) on possibly problematic servers.

If you'd like to save yourself from tweaking your themes manually, the JavaScript to Footer should help quite a bit.

One more thing dreamhost webhosting server is the best!

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