This is the latest issue regarding Manny Pacquiao and Freddie Roach. Pacman's forever critics now crying about his 'cherry picking' issue with Miguel Cotto. Ok, let me tell you something especially for y'all cherry picking fanatics out there. Miguel Cotto started as a lightweight boxer, if you'll check his boxing record here, you'll know what I'm talking about. Cotto is a natural welterweight period. Cotto's last fight at light welterweight was with Paul Malignaggi. After that bout he climbed up to the Welterweight division and his last fight in this divison was with Joshua Clottey whom he defeated via split decision a couple of days ago, FYI this fight is his 8th in the welterweight category.

Do you still think Manny Pacquiao cherry picked Miguel Cotto? Alright, let's dissect some of Manny Pacquiao's credentials. To be honest with you, Pacquiao is one of the best in fact the best ever, very+extraordinary, I'm saying this not because I'm Filipino myself, but for real - he is an extraordinary fighter. This 5'6" man coming from the Philippines started boxing at flyweight division 106lbs. His boxing popularity soared up at featherweight and super featherweight division, that's between 125lbs. and 130lbs. Unbelievable huh! So from there, he leaped (not climbed) to lightweight division, he defeated the bigger guy David Diaz, then he destroyed the so-called washed up fighter Oscar Dela Hoya (note: ODLH said he was in his best shape before the fight) at a catchweight, and his last previous victim was Ricky Hatton - the great light welterweight champion from England and Pacquiao's next victim is Cotto, YEAH you bet! Manny Pacquiao and Ricky Hatton fought at Hatton's best category 140lbs (note: he was undisputed in this division) Guess what!? Hatton received the hardest punch he ever had during his entire career, he was lying down flat in the canvass with his eyes rolling for almost a minute or two (too much beer eh).

Simple explanation why Manny Pacquiao deserves to fight with a catchweight.

*David defeated Goliath without 'catch weight' because David was allowed to use a slingshot. Bruce Lee defeated Kareem Abdul Jabar without 'catch weight' because it was a movie and Jabar is a basketball player. Seth Petruzelli KOed Kimbo Slice without 'catch weight' because they fought in the UFC. Hey did Brock Lesnar fight Randy Couture with a catchweight? NO, Brock is a 265lbs. giant and Randy is a 220lbs. master grappler, the question here is did you even like the fight, or you wished they should have fought with a catchweight limit. BTW it's UFC!*

Don't cry Pacquiao isn't cherry picking! If Pacquiao is cherry picking, then what can you say about the supposedly mega mis-match of the year that was recently postponed between Juan Manuel Marquez and Floyd Mayweather Jr. due to a 'rib cartilage' damage or whatsofreakingever! Juan Manuel Marquez is a natural lightweight and Floyd Mayweather jr. is a natural welterweight with an attitude. Would you say that Marquez cherry picked Mayweather jr. or vice versa?

So if I'm gonna ask you which moniker will you choose for Pacquiao - Mega Boxer, Mega Ducker or Cherry Picker? You better choose the right one or else that cherry will end up in your A-hole!

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